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Our experience, expertise, and hands-on approach enable our engineers to custom design and build solutions to almost any engineering challenge you may be facing.

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Talk to us today to find out about our range of services that will save you time, minimise disruption and restore your peace of mind. We offer workshop engineering, manufacturing precision parts or machinery, repairing damaged parts, and maintenance programs.

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Printing & Packaging

We will take the time to learn about your business and your industry so that we can adapt our services to suit your printing and packaging needs. Our extensive experience in the printing and packaging industry means we have a thorough understanding of how these machines work so that we can investigate faults, repair parts, and undertake maintenance for you.

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Special Purpose Machinery

If you are struggling to find the machine you need for that special job, speak to us and we will custom design and build you the right equipment. We can design and build innovative solutions across a variety of industries so you get the results you need.

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Custom Parts, Fittings & Furniture

Through our hands-on techniques and processes, we are able to custom design and manufacture one-off unique parts, furniture, or fittings using a variety of materials. If you have a rare, quirky, or vintage project that you want to carry out, our skilled team will happily help you through the entire process.

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Installation & Relocation

If you are moving your factory to a new site, allow us to help you with the relocation process. We can arrange the entire process for you, from organising the contractors, to supervising the transportation of equipment to your new site.

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