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Millar Samson Ltd has been connected to this industry since the start of the company in 1927, and has continued a close relationship through the years.

The basic mechanics of machines have largely remained the same with parts that wear out and break. Nonetheless, our engineers and technicians have seen huge changes in print and packaging machinery in terms of technological changes and advancement of computer controlled systems on the equipment. We make it our business to find out about you and your industry and work hard to remain on top of print and packaging industry changes and advances. The fact our name remains synonymous with the print and packaging industry bears testimony to our continuing ability to remain relevant and adjust as required.


  • Breakdown or fault-finding investigation analysis
  • Part repairs or manufacturing utilising our workshop facilities
  • Machine rebuilds and overhauls
  • Nylon-covered oscillator or rider rollers recovered to original specification
  • Maintenance and service arrangements.

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